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Anka Point Security Bracket Anchor Fixing Anka Point is a security bracket anchor fixing for securing bikes, mobility scooters and many other valuable items. It can be secured to a wall, fence or paving stones on the ground with it’s special one-way anti-theft security screws included. Secure your moped with Anka Point fixed to the ground! Anka Point is sold as a standalone product but also as an optional extra with our TidyTent, Bike Cave, CampaCave, TidyTent XTRA and HideyHood outdoor storage tent systems. Anka Point for use with TidyTent, TidyTent XTRA, Bike Cave and HortiHood The TidyTent, TidyTent XTRA, BikeCave & CampaCave outdoor storage tents have a rear cut-out with a hook and loop “velcro” type flap, through which you can fit the solid steel Anka Point security bracket to the wall or fence behind. Anka Point used in conjunction with the Bike Cave The Anka Point is a hardened steel, wall-mounted security bracket, which comes with a set of “one-way” clutch-head security screws and wall plugs. The heads of the screws are designed such that you can use a standard slotted screwdriver to tighten clockwise. However, if you try to turn them anti-clockwise to unscrew, the screwdriver just slips off the head of the screw. Once attached to your wall or fence this creates a permanent fixture to secure your goods with a padlock and chain or cycle lock. Used either on it’s own or in conjunction with our TidyTent, TidyTent XTRA, Bike Cave or HideyHood outdoor tent storage systems, AnkaPoint provides a Serious Security Solution. Warning: once the screws are fully tightened the only way to remove the bracket is to drill or chisel the heads of the screws off. Anka Point Security Bracket for bikes and more … And if you don’t have a Tidytent or Bike Cave and you’re looking for a cost effective security solution, AnkaPoint is available separately. Bicycles, mobility scooters, motorbikes, quad bikes, garden benches, tables, pub furniture are often targeted by petty thieves. Why not anchor them to a secure Anka Point bracket with a lock and chain? Measured internally, the Anka Point triangular metal bracket is about 8 cm wide at its widest and about 9.5 cm deep.

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